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Darkyra’s unique sound and vision have captivated ears from all walks of life. Their diverse style blends gothic rock and epic metal, with symphonic elements, creating an eclectic and cinematic sound experience that has caught the attention of audiences worldwide. Performances fuelled by passion for music, an unwavering dedication to the craft, and support from the exceptional musicians involved.  Darkyra, something different! something you haven't heard before!

DARKYRA...the short story

Darkyra began in 2012 as the Solo Project of vocalist Gina Bafile under a pseudonym Darkyra Black. The project involved Producers

George Boussounis (Greece) and Garry King (France) and various European Musicians. The music is a blend of Symphonic Metal, Cinematic Metal, Progressive Rock and Gothic Rock. In 2015 Darkyra began live shows in Australia. Darkyra has two full length albums, Dragon Tears released in 2014 and Fool released 2015. Still predominantly a solo project, a long line of supportive and collaborative talent uniting both Australian Musicians and European Musicians in the effort to propel the music forward to audiences all over the world. Album three 'Life Force' is well under way and set for release early 2025.

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