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Life Force

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'Life Force' 2025

Track List

#1    Breathe

#2    All in Good Time

#3    Celebrity Smile

#4    Life Force

#5    Tomorrow Without You

#6    Take Me Far Away

#7    Leap While You're Still Alive

#8    Quieten the Mind

#9    Foot in the Grave

BREATHE Demo 2024Darkyra
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"Life Force " is the third release from Gina Bafile under the Darkyra brand and the third involving extraordinary drummer and producer, Garry King. 
Life-Force is a collection of  songs based around both the light and dark aspects of human nature, personal feelings and life events throughout Gina's abscence from music since her last release in 2015. The music is venturing as close to modern Pop as Darkyra is willing to travel and is vearing away from the doom and gloom of classic symphonic music and without the pigeon hole into categories its simply a Darkyra blend of Epic, Eclectic, Melodic Rock with a touch of Kate Bush at times perhaps the same DO AS YOU PLEASE THOUGHT PROCESS  as 'Devin Townsend', although the music is far from the prog genre. Quirky, playful and stepping outside the boundaries of what Darkyra had created in the past yet there are hints of where she last tread on some of the darker characteristics of the EP. The cover art features the beautiful Raven and Dove Yin Yang created by American Airbrush Artist Fern Gadd.  Life-Force is set for release late to early 2025. 

Album (credits still to be refined):

All vocals recorded at Darkyra's Personal Studio in Perth Western Australia and Editing Mixing, Production and Mastering by Garry King at La Foret Groupe France. 

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