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"'Fool' is a memorable musical story, one that is beautifully performed by all involved."


- Rocktopia UK

Darkyra - Fool "This is powerful stuff, sure-footed, beautifully executed and well-produced"

The Rockpit - Mark Diggins

'Fool' 2015

Track List

(Fools of the Past)

#1    Part 2. Behind Closed Doors

#2    Who are they to Judge You

#3    Truth or Dare

#4    Of Fools and Gold


#5    Where Will I Be

#6    Bleed


(Faces by the Fountain)

#7    The Wish Never Fades

#8    Desperation

#9    Flawless

#10  It Takes All Kinds of Fools

#11  Fountain of Frozen Dreams

#12  Part 1. Behind Closed Doors

"Fool" is the second full length studio album from Darkyra Black. 

The album is a concept about the people seen come and go at the fountain of wishes, the fountain built for kings and queens of the past. The songs are a behind the scenes look into their lives and their foolish obsessions.The album begins with the first section 'Fools of the past' which is centred around the indiscretions of royalty. The next couple of songs 'Where will I be' and 'Bleed' are from are an insight into what is happening in the observers live in present time. The songs in the section, 'Faces by the fountain' are from the observations made of the different individual she has seen at the fountain and the last couple of songs are a summary tying everything together. 
Again another album with a strong Cinematic feel, blending Symphonic Prog and Epic Metal, modern but also capturing the feel of Rock and Metal favorites from the 70's. Baroque influences blended with Far Eastern Elements, a passionate vocal delivery and some epic surprises. Track #3 'Truth or Dare' features the bass work of 'demolition man', Tony Dolan (M-Pire of Evil, x Venom).

Album Credits:

Darkyra Black (Gina Bafile) Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals

Fab Jablonski - Keyboards, Betovani Dinelli - Guitar and backing vocals

Garry King - Drums, hand held percussion & backing vocals

George Boussounis - Keyboards on arrangements & backing vocals

Tigran Sargysan - Duduk and vocal intro (Where Will I Be & Behind Closed Doors Pt1 & 2)

George Ammos Ginis - Spoken word (Who are they to Judge You)

Tony Dolan - Bass (Truth or Dare), Kostis Vichos- Bass (all songs except ‘Truth or Dare’)

Ilias Sdoukos - viola, Laertis Kokolanis - violin & Michael Porfyris - Cello

(Behind Closed Doors, Flawless, Of fools and Gold & Where Will I be)

Flawless choir singers:

Evanthia Katsourou - soprano,

Antonis Batsakis - tenor, Emmanouel Papadopoulos - Baritone.


Truth or Dare’, ‘It Takes all Kinds of Fools’, ‘Who are they to Judge You’, ‘Desperation’, ‘The Fountain of Frozen

Dreams’ & ‘The Wish Never Fades’ (Lyrics written by Gina Bafile, Music written by Garry King, Betovani Dinelli

& Gina Bafile. ‘Where Will I Be’, ‘Behind Closed Doors’, ‘Bleed’,‘Flawless’ & ‘Of Fools and Gold’ (Lyrics written by

Gina Bafile .  Music written by George Boussounis and Gina Bafile, Arrangements by George Bousounis)


The overall concept, basic song structure, lyrics, chord progressions, melody and feel for fifteen songs were created and out of the fifteen, eleven were selected for production. Drums and Guitar parts were recorded at Garry’s Studio in France, Keyboards recorded at Fab’s in Brazil and Arrangements by George were recorded at Morph Flow, Athens. April 2014 lead vocals, backing vocals, extra percussion, guitar solos, overdubs and re-amping of guitars were completed at Morph Flow, under the guidance of George Boussounis. Daduk and some of the strings were also recorded during this time. Preliminary Editing & mixing by Garry King and final editing, mixing and mastering was completed in March 2015 by

George Boussounis (Online Recording Masters, Athens, Greece).


Album concept & artwork by Gina Bafile.




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