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What has happened and where to next

Shortly after the release of the second album fool in 2015, Gina Bafile performed the very first show in hometown Perth with Australian musicians and ready to the first ever Darkyra Tour was scheduled for Netherlands/ Germany in April 2016. Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan and the tour was cancelled due to Gina's diagnosis with breast cancer. Darkyra was put on hold indefinitely. April 28, 2018, Gina Bafile and Kim Siragusa, performed as a duo of Vocals and Piano in support of Jamie Paige's 'Dark Universe' Album Launch held at Badlands Bar in Perth, Western Australia. Sadly, things didn't continue much further as the majority of former band members had moved onto other projects leaving the future of Darkyra uncertain. Late 2023 the urge to create new music and pick up where things left off was made possible with the reconnection of drummer and long time friend Garry King (La Foret Groupe France) along with music colleagues Lucio Manca, Fab Jablonski and Gus Mansur. New collaborations are underway for a third album titled 'Life-Force', an album that would further forge the unity of both Australian and European musicians. Music that wouldn't pigeon hole Darkyra to one particular that would continue to be emotion driven and eclectic in nature. Surrounded by a strong cast of Perth Talent for live shows are:  Kristen Sanfead (guitarist - Syzygy Australia) . Nikki Dagostino (little miss squeeze box - keyboard) Maaz Manik -bass, Julian Nichols - violin and Dan Grainger - Drums. 

20th April 2024 was Darkyra's return show opening the 10th Anniversary of Metal United Downunder Festival.

History - Darkyra How it Began

Darkyra initially began it's roots as the solo project of Australian singer / songstress Gina Bafile, under the pseudonym 'Darkyra Black' in 2012. The project was a collaboration between Garry King - Drums, Fab Jablonski - Keyboards, Paul Jupe - Guitar, Betovani - Bass, George Boussounis - Arrangements and various other session musicians employed through the Greek Production Company, Online Recording Masters. The musicians were all based in Europe and the music had a strong cinematic vibe sometimes bordering on Progressive rock and Gothic Metal. After the successful release and rave reviews of two high production studio albums, Darkyra Black was thrown into the spotlight as a strong emerging artist within the world of female fronted metal and rock. 


Dragon Tears​​

It was through the company ‘Online Recording Masters’ based in Athens Greece that Darkyra Black (Gina Bafile), found the musicians for what was to become her very first record called ‘Dragon Tears’. Music Arranger George Boussounis formed an introduction with drummer/producer Garry King (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner) and  ideas for the concept started to evolve between the three. Three additional members were brought in to join the ranks of the Darkyra Black team for the 2013 recordings, guitarist’s Paul Jupe,

Betovani Dinelli, and keyboard player Fab Jablonski. The first Darkyra Black track prior to the full album release came out on an official video for the single ‘Tears by Candlelight’ in 2013 generating much interest in the full record. "Dragon Tears" a concept album based on a Gothic interpretation of a geisha like tale that ends in tragedy, love, loss, lust, betrayal and revenge, was released in February 2014, and built instant critical acclaim internationally as a fine blend of symphonic/gothic metal with powerful vocal performances and progressive/classic rock elements of traditional pentatonic music with an overall ‘Cinematic’ sound and feel.

“All eleven numbers here are different but are very fluent and offer up musical highlights galore, too numerous to mention, ensure you keep the CD in the player to the VERY end. To summarise, Darkyra is Dark, Passionate and Edgy and demonstrating fine vocal prowess”

- Ravenheart music Review (6th February 2014)


Of Fools and Gold

With the first record under her belt and amazing reviews it was time to set the scene and start the next stage of creating songs and music for a second follow up album and plan ahead for live shows and touring. In January 2014 even before Dragon Tears was officially released, Darkyra had already started work on 15 new track ideas ready for an April studio sessions deadline in the historic city of Athens. With George and Garry being based in Europe plans where laid for the three with guitarist Betovani and Keyboard player Fab Jablonski to start work recording drums, guitars, guide keys and main vocal parts for what should be the most amazing and powerful follow up record in the Darkyra history.


'Fool' was released late 2015. Again with a very strong story line, searing string sections and memorable melodies, vocal performances and songs. The record will surely prove that Darkyra Black has set a standard very hard to beat and certainly hard to ignore both lyrically and musically.

Musicians featured on Dragon Tears/Fool - Garry King, Colin Haynes, Gina Bafile, Beto Dinelli, Fab Jablonski & Paul Jupe

Original Lineup featured on Dragon Tears / Fool recordings 2014/2015

Garry King, Colin Haynes, Gina Bafile, Betovani Dinelli, Fab Jablonski, Paul Jupe

2015 Darkyra Live Band (Australia) Revised Lineup - Dave Lion, Maciej Mastalarczuk, Gina Bafile, Dan Grainger & Kim Siragusa
2015 Darkyra Band (Australia shows) First lineup - Dion Italiano, Chrissy Mav, Dave Lion, Gina Bafile, Mario Schmack and Kim Siragusa

2015 Australian Lineup first Live Darkyra Show

Dion Italiano, Krissy Mav, Dave Lyon, Gina Bafile,

Mario Schmack, Kim Siragusa

2015 Revised Lineup Darkyra Live Shows Australia

Dave Lyon, Maciek Mastarlaczuk, Gina Bafile, Dan Grainger, Kim Siragusa


2024 Lineup Darkyra Live Shows Australia

Nikki Dagostino, Gina Bafile, Julian Nichols, Maaz Manik, Kristen Sanfead, Dan Grainger

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