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Darkyra - Fool "This is powerful stuff, sure-footed, beautifully executed and well-produced"

"Gina’s rich intoxicating vocals instill real strength and emotion into her folk rock ballads, enthralling the lucky few in attendance."

Peter Gardiner

100%Rock Magazine

"One of the best aspects of their sound is that Bafile doesn't depend upon, nor pigeon hole herself, into a certain style. She swings easily from the basic rock singer to the operatic diva."

The music flows from height to height, creating an oceanic bed that is fully profound and majestic. Bafile's vocal stylings are powerful, at times muscular and always beautiful. We hear outreaches of Opera as well as the deep Symphonic renderings, and all sung crystal clear.



Symphonic Metal Artist Based in Perth, Western Australia, drawing from influences of Cinematic Metal, Epic Metal, Prog and Gothic Rock

BIO  (Short Version)

Darkyra initially began it's roots in 2012 as the solo project of Australian singer / songstress Gina Bafile, under the pseudonym 'Darkyra Black'. The project was in collaboration with European musicians, Garry King, Betovani Dinelli, Thiago Trinsi, Fab Jablonski and George Boussounis. The music had a strong cinematic vibe sometimes bordering on Progressive rock and Gothic Metal. After the successful release and rave reviews of two high production studio albums, Darkyra Black was thrown into the spotlight as a strong emerging artist within the world of female fronted metal and rock. As the demand for Live shows increased, Australian musicians were recruited for the very first performances in hometown Perth Western Australia, rebranding as 'Darkyra' but still remaining very much a solo project.

Current collaborators are based throughout Europe, Brazil and Australia. They are, Garry King - drums/production (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner), Gus Mansor - Guitar, Fab Jablonski - Keyboard, Lucio Manca - Bass and George Boussounis - Keyboard / Arrangements, Dan Grainger - Drums (Silent Knight), Kristen Sanfead - Guitar (Syzygy Aust), Gina Bafile - Vocals (Darkyra Black, Achillea, Caprycon), Nikki Dagostino - Keyboard (Little Miss Squeezebox), Maaz Manik - Bass and Julian Nichols - Violin (Selfless Orchestra). Currently collaborating on a third studio album titled 'Lifeforce' expected for release sometime early 2025.



Gina Bafile


The Darkyra Musician & Collaborators


Gina Bafile

Founder / Lead Vocals

Founder / Lead Vocals


Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm Guitar


Electric Violin

Electric Violin


Lead Guitarist

Lead Guitar


Keyboard / Synth

Keyboard / Synth

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